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Travel guide

Address of Zselic Valley Leisure Farm

7473 Hajmás, Hrsz 073/4

 +36 82 370 655

 +36 82 570 509

 Every day 06.00-22.00

GPS coordinates of Zselic Valley Leisure Farm

46.2766047     17.9110822

Nearby International Airports

  • Budapest

  • Zabreb

  • Osijek

  • Graz

  • Vienna

  • Bratislava

Transport from Budapest to Zselic Valley Leisure Farm

Transport between Budapest and Zselic Valley will be provided to speaker and full auditor and accompanying. The bus will leave Budapest city center at 11 AM on June 25 and will make a stop at the airport. It will leave the airport at noon. 

Bus will leave Zselic toward airport and Budapest around 10 AM on June 28 and should arrive at the airport no later than 2 PM.

  • The meeting point in the city center is given here.

  • The meeting point at the airport will be provided later.

Other nights & meals in Zselic

Valley Leisure Farm

It is possible to book rooms to extend your stay. Please contact the hotel office at and specify that you are participating to LPTMM 2019 meeting to get the special rates. In this case you have to reach and leave the site by your own way.

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