Hotel Terradets is placed in the town of Cellers. Just close to the Lake of Terradets in the north side of Montsec Mountain Range. More information about Montsec area is available in

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There are many activities to do on site, some of them included in your registration and others with extra fee. More information will be provided before the conference. Hotel Terradets has facilities like:

  • Swimming in the lake

  • Swimming pool

  • Padel tennis / Paddle

  • Kayak / Paddel Surf

  • Hiking

  • Fishing (requires permit)

  • Wine Tastes

Hotel Terradets

Accommodation at conference place

All rooms for lodging will be on-site. Some rooms will be offered in shared occupancy for your convenience at a lower rate.

For more information please visit the Registration page.


It is not possible to change money at the conference desk. Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring Euros.

Accommodation before and after

Please have a look to the travel guide.


Ctra. Balaguer a Tremp, C13, km 75, E25631 Cellers, Lleida, Catalonia , SPAIN ​